Top Level Detox for Your Body!

  • deacidification / PH balance restoration
  • removal of excess water
  • increase in the body’s vitality

Spirulin Plus is a combination of spirulina with ingredients that have amazing properties. It is a completely safe and extremely effective product. Its use improves wellbeing and supports the work of individual systems. Make sure you have an effective detox today and feel its great effects yourself!

Spirulin Plus

About Spirulin Plus

Spirulin Plus deacidifies the body

The problem of acidification of the body is now widespread. The reason is simple - a diet low in nutrients, highly processed foods, stress and the fast pace of life. The situation is not improved either by toxins that attack us from every side, exposing the immune system to overwhelming effort.

The basic symptoms of acidification of the body are: frequent infections, lack of energy, fatigue, tendency to gain weight, mood swings. Acidification of the body can be responsible for many health problems and in the long run it can cause serious chronic illnesses that are difficult to treat.

Equally widespread as acidification of the body is swelling, which women suffer from particularly because of constant hormonal fluctuations. Water retention in the body is responsible for feelings of heaviness and lack of energy. Excess water also adversely affects appearance, causes swelling and increases the size of the body.

Spirulin Plus

Say goodbye to negative symptoms

  • lack of energy, apathy and malaise,
  • nervousness, irritability, decreased concentration,
  • skin problems, difficult to heal wounds,
  • weak hair prone to loss,
  • greater appetite and weight gain.
Spirulin Plus

Restores the proper acid balance of the body.

Strengthens the immune system by removing the cause of frequent illness.

Increases the vitality of the body and improves well-being.

Speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite and aids slimming.

Acts as an antioxidant and protects against the effects of antioxidative stress.

Supports the functioning of major organs and systems.

Make the best decision!

Choose Spirulin Plus

95% of people notice a difference in appearance and functioning of the body after using Spirulin Plus

Acidification of the body is associated with an incorrect diet. Although many sources point to the importance of nutrition, most of us still struggle with negative symptoms. No wonder, as temptations are huge and our control mechanisms are insufficient. Added to this is the problem of a crazy, demanding lifestyle and stress. Consequently, we take pills and use stimulants that are supposed to energise us, strengthen our hair, remove skin problems, help with slimming and help get rid of swelling. All completely unnecessary. Most unpleasant symptoms can be removed by fighting their cause, which is the acidification of the body and the retention of water in the body. Spirulin Plus is a recent discovery. It is a product that naturally and safely removes the source of common problems. It allows the functioning of the body to be regulated and its natural immune responses to be strengthened. Change is visible not only with the naked eye but also at the cellular level. There is a simple way to live better and feel great!

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Spirulin Plus

Unique composition, fast action

Spirulin Plus is a modern formula with carefully composed composition, based on original and select substances. The excellent combination of active ingredients at maximum concentrations guarantees high quality. It gets to the source of problems! Feel the difference!

Spirulin Plus
Icon GMO free
Icon Gluten free
Icon Lactose free

Click the ingredient to learn more

Spirulina Arrow
  • lowers blood sugar
  • protects against snacking
  • removes heavy metals
  • provides detox
Chlorella Arrow
  • strengthens the immune system
  • protects against illnesses
  • helps digestion
  • adds energy
Alfalfa Arrow
  • lowers cholesterol
  • promotes metabolism
  • adds energy
  • protects against snacking
Dandelion Arrow
  • relieves inflammation
  • promotes metabolism
  • improves stomach and kidney function
  • strengthens the body
Nettle Arrow
  • removes excess water
  • takes care of internal balance
  • provides valuable nutrients
  • promotes a beautiful appearance
Green tea Arrow
  • helps digestion
  • helps weight loss
  • reduces appetite
  • helps to remove swelling
Zinc Arrow
  • promotes metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • has a positive effect on appearance
  • improves digestion
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Find out opinions on how Spirulin Plus works



Taking care of yourself is an obligation. I have always wanted to look good and feel good. However, despite increasing efforts, I couldn’t control my appearance. I used expensive cosmetics and my complexion looked depressing, my hair lost its healthy glow and was thinning. I had problems with appetite, it was hard for me to stick to a fixed menu. I was snacking more and more ... When I read about acidification of the body, I recognised the symptoms and I started to act. I found information about Spirulina Plus. And it was exactly the right choice! The effects are phenomenal!



I didn’t need any convincing about Spirulin Plus. I am of the opinion that instead of masking effects - you have to remove causes. Feeling tired, sleepy, deprived of energy and putting on weight is associated with acidification of the body. Specialists say that this problem can affect up to 90% of people. The scale is huge, and few are aware of it. Spirulin Plus helped me regain inner balance. Thanks to these capsules I revived myself, my hair became stronger, my waist slimmer, I forgot about swelling and the feeling of heaviness. I am living lighter! You have to try it. I recommend it!



I lead a very active life. A demanding job, sometimes 12 hours a day, exhausting workouts and night life at the weekend. I often eat what I find at roadside bars. Unfortunately, this is not the best food. For some time, I had a headache, tiredness, in the morning I had a problem getting out of bed. I was avoiding workouts, because I had no strength for anything. My girlfriend was worried about me, so she started looking for a solution. She searched the internet and found Spirulin Plus. I looked at her in disbelief, but I began taking the product. And I can tell you, I am in shock. I feel like a young god now! I also recommend for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spirulin Plus work?
Spirulin Plus is a product that deacidifies the body and removes excess water.
When can I expect the first results?
The product’s effects can be seen from the first day of use. Systematically taken, it brings the expected results.
Who can use Spirulin Plus?
Spirulin Plus is a product that can benefit anyone who complains about fatigue and lack of energy.
Can the product be used by men?
Spirulin Plus can be used by women and men.
How should Spirulin Plus be dosed?
Take two capsules a day half an hour before a meal. Take the capsules with a sip of water.
How many capsules are in the package?
A pack contains 60 capsules.
Is the product safe?
The product is completely safe. It contains no harmful substances, only 100% natural ingredients.
How long will I wait for my order?
Orders are shipped within 48 hours of order placement.